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Letters Become Words

A list of all my previously written fan fiction can be found here.

Fic: A Ferret (or Four) in the Hub

Title: A Ferret (Or Four) in the Hub
Author: K Marie
Rating: Gen
Summary: Sometimes, the strangest things came through the Rift.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC. Dude, I'm not even British. I definitely don't own this. I make no money from this. None of the ferrets belong to me either.
Author's Note: I wrote this simply to cheer up researchgrrrl. Therefore, I apologize for the crack. Please note, no ferrets were actually harmed in the making of this fic. Thanks to deense for the beta!

Four ferrets find their way through the RiftCollapse )

Drabble: Untitled First line drabble.

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: X-Men belong to Fox and Marvel. No money is being made by this effort.
Summary: She paced the dingy motel room, waiting for him to return.
Author's Note: written for minisinoo's first line meme. Min said "Nice hook to make me want to read The Rest of the Story." Which I guess means I need to write more of this.

untitled drabbleCollapse )
Title: Go Fly A Kite (the sometimes the wind doesn't blow Remix)
Author: K Marie
Summary: The contents of the shoeboxes made sense when applied to Mr. Summers
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Spoilers: for X-3
Title, Author and URL of original story: Go Fly A Kite by renata_kedavra.
Author's Note: A great big thanks to my amazing betas, mjules and sionnain. They made this story a thousand times better than I wrote it. Thank you both.

Go Fly A Kite (the sometimes the wind doesn't blow Remix)Collapse )
Title: Five Times Mal Almost Landed in Deep Water.
Author: K Marie
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Firefly belongs to Joss. I don't own anyone's souls, therefore, not Joss. ;)
Prompt: Firefly gen, a wide deep river
Written for: mjules.
Author's Note: Incredibly silly. I hope you like.

Five Times Mal Almost Landed in Deep Water.Collapse )


Five Things

Rated: R for the first (Wace has mouth on him) and G for the second.
Five things for mjules: Erskineville Kings and Full Metal AlchemistCollapse )

Fic: I am still living with your ghost

Title: I am still living with your ghost
Author: K Marie
Disclaimer: Still, not mine.
Rating: PG. To be safe.
Verse: Movie. God, I'm so pissed at that thing, I'm still writing fic off of one viewing.
Summary: She was left with Ed's memory, a ghost in her head
Author's Note: Written from the prompt shatter and Ed/Winry from evil_little_dog. This fic does not conform exactly to canon. Title comes from "Santa Monica" by Everclear. Beta by mjules. Happy birthday evil_little_dog!
Word Count: 451.
Date Completed: April 13, 2007

She was left with Ed's memory, a ghost in her headCollapse )


Drabble: Superman

Title: Superman
Rating: G
Summary: John imagined Superman
Prompt: cold steel rail, XMM, Pyro from escritoireazul
Word Count: 136
Author's note: I asked for prompts in February, and I'm just now getting around to posting them. I did actually write this in February while I was in Pensacola. Hope you enjoy!



The first time he really thought to try and control this power, John imagined Superman. His heat vision. He skipped school — not that anyone noticed — and went to the abandoned train yard on the other side of town. At first, nothing he did went right. He caught a stack of cross ties on fire. He had only meant to get one. It took a few days of practice. He finally caught only the top one. Then he caught only the bottom one. Controlled the fire, kept it tight and hot, and not letting it touch the other cross ties.

He still wanted to be Superman. He took what he had learned from the cross ties and applied it to one of the tracks. He turned that section of cold steel rail into white hot liquid metal.


Fic: And Silly Putty to Save the World

Author: K Marie (roguewords)
Title: And Silly Putty to Save the World
Recipient: musedcalliope
Disclaimer: X-Men belong to a whole bunch of people not me. Scott belongs to all of us. :)
Rating: PG
Summary: "Duct tape works better. Supposedly holds the world together."
Recipient's request: A lesson learned outside of the classroom. One or more of the not-quite-X-men (Rogue, Kitty, John, that crowd). Silly putty.
Author's Note: As always, ignoring the events of X3. Major beta props go out to mjules. Thanks to musamea for taking a silly idea and running with it to become this awesome challenge. Thanks to sweptawaybayou for helping me sort out my ideas.

Duct tape works better. Supposedly holds the world together.Collapse )


Drabble: Pain

So I was sitting here angsting over what to write for stilettocamp last night. So I asked the boys who were here for prompts. The prompts they gave are the first four words under the cut. The rest is mine, minus what's in italics.

Title: Pain
Fandom: X-Men, Rogue
Rated: R for graphic descriptions.
Disclaimer: X-Men belong to Marvel.
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of physical violence. Only not really.
Word Count: 155
Pain, without loveCollapse )