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Dead Letter: Boy Scout

Title: Boy Scout
Author: K Marie
Rating: G
Summary: Some words won't be shared.
Disclaimer: Scott belongs to the X-Men, Lee belongs to Fallen Angel. I'm none of these.
Author's Note: Dead Letter. Props to The Hush Sound. *g* Thanks to Allie for the wonderful character to work against.


It's been too long and still I remember you like a fire burning bright. Funny, the two loves of my life both made me thing of fire.

You saved me, Lee. I know you don't want to hear that. Or that I loved you. But they're both true. Because of you I was able to keep going, to keep being the Boy Scout you named me. Fact is, if it weren't for you and our short time together, I probably never would have gone back to Xavier's. Never would have ended up on a mission that I'd never come back from.

You'll never see this, and that's ok. I just needed to get the words out.