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Prompt from angstpuppy: Leverage/Supernatural, Sam/Eliot/Dean, Power

Rated: NC-17

Sam and Dean have a special dynamic. The type that only comes with years of working side by side, depending completely on the person next to you. From knowing that your life depends on your partner knowing exactly what your next move is going to be before you ever make it.

Eliot throws a loop into their power play. It's actually Sam's idea to include Eliot. Eliot, who has complete control over every part of his life, has agreed to give himself over to Sam and Dean. But not without a fight.

Dean's the one who physically attacks him, Sam tries to break him on a more personal level. When he finally does crack, it seems to be more from a combination of their attacks rather than one specific way.

But they don't leave him broken. Sam takes him into his mouth, while Dean works his way from behind. Rather than leaving him broken and frustrated, they bring him back to himself and satisifed.

Eliot makes sure he returns the favor, puts the power back into his own hands and mouth and cock.

Prompt from earthquakedream: SPN/Leverage; Dean/Eliot; bruises

Rated: NC-17

Dean had bruises from his job that he wouldn't really tell Eliot about. Eliot had bruises from Dean. Dean's lips on his skin left bruises. Dean's fingers pressing into his hips. Dean's cock pounding into his ass.

Eliot really wanted to put a few bruises of his own on Dean.

Prompt from meredevachon: Leverage, Nate/Sophie/Eliot, drunken fumbling

Rated: NC-17

Sophie begged him. Said that if he ever wanted a chance with Nate, this was the way to do it. And hell, he was drunk, and it's not like she wasn't pretty.

The room was pretty dark (and he was almost asleep) when Sophie came in with Nate. Nate didn't even see him laying there on the bed. But Sophie simply kissed and touched, and reached for him, Nate on the other side of her, still fumbling with her bra. When Nate reached over and started stroking his cock, Eliot couldn't help but to moan into Sophie's neck. When Sophie moved to give Nate more room, Eliot's drunkeness cleared right up.

Prompt from justapieceofme: TrueBlood/Sookie Stackhouse Series, Sookie/Bill, teasing

Rated: R

I definitely have to give Bill credit. He's been driving me crazy, hinting all week long about some surprise he had planned. Told me I need to rest up. Now he's got me somewhere, blind folded, drove me around in his car. I wouldn't be surprised if he had just taken me back home, but I really had no way of telling. Good blind fold.

Bill picked me up out of the car, and carried me up some stairs. Not saying a word, and of course, I can't read his mind; so still no clue where we were at. He set me down on a soft bed, definitely not my bed though. "Come on, Bill, just a little hint," I asked him. Damn vampire didn't say a word.

He did start kissing me softly on the lips, and then the neck. And then a little lower. And then he stopped.


"Yes, but you like it Sookie."

Prompt from meredevachon: author's choice, author's choice vampire(s), hunger takes many forms


Rated: PG

He couldn't do anything. Nothing that he wanted, or that she wanted. Not without running the risk of unloosing Angelus on all of southern California again. And he couldn't do that to Cordy. She deserved more.

She deserved someone who could please her. Who could bring her to orgasm again and again. Someone who could do that and love her too.

He guessed he'd have to settle for just loving her.

Prompt from idiosyncratic: burn (one word prompt) X-men, Wolverine/Rogue

Rated: R

She was more than ready before he ever touched her. She'd been waiting for him to come home for weeks. He had called her, said he would be home soon. That was five weeks ago.

She'd been on edge from that minute. Three weeks with no word, and one five minute call two weeks ago saying he would be home in the next couple of weeks.

She heard him drive up fifteen minutes ago. Five minutes to put up his bike, ten to make it to her room. Maybe fifteen to make it to her room if he stopped and said hello to Charles. He would make her wait like that.

Thirty mintues after she heard him drive up, he finally showed up at her door. "I hope to hell that buggin' Cyke was worth it," she said from the bed. "Cause I've been waiting for you for the past five weeks and thirty minutes. Now just how do you plan on making it up to me, Wolverine?"


Hell, she just about creamed her panties from that.

Prompt from meredevachon: Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, numb

Rated: R

Getting Ianto into his bedroom wasn't a problem. Getting Ianto to stay, that was a problem.

"Jack, I have work to do."

"It can wait. You need this."

Ianto sighed, and sunk down onto his bed. "Really, I'm fine."

"You were almost eaten."

"And will be again sometime soon, if you have your way, won't I, Jack?"

"Well, yes. But in a good way." Jack smiled.

Ianto sighed again, and leaned over to him. "Jack, really."

Jack kissed him. He knew if he could get Ianto to kiss him, everything would be ok. And Ianto did. Jack pushed him back onto the bed, and gently tied his hands together. "Anything you don't want, you let me know." Ianto nodded, he knew how this worked.

Jack put a couple of ice cubes in his mouth as he took off Ianto's clothes. Working his way down, Jack placed open mouth kisses on Ianto's chest. He shivered with each kiss Jack left. Jack could tell he was trying to prepare for what was coming next, but the shock of cold around his cock still had him gasping.

Ianto's cock went cold, and then numb before Jack's mouth warmed him up enough to let him come.

Prompt from meredevachon: Leverage/author's choice, Eliot/Author's choice, wire-rim glasses

Leverage/X-Men, Eliot/Rogue, wire-rim glasses

Rated: R

She'd managed to get away from the mansion for a while. College had that effect on the older kids at Xavier's. And while she was only attending the local community college, she still needed to get away.Xavier had suggested a trip into the city to see some shows and tour the museums. Today she was spending the afternoon at the library.

She managed to find the most isolated corner of the third floor. At least she thought she had. Even though there were three tables and multiple soft chairs, the man who came into the area sat down right in front of her. She pulled her book up so it was standing on the edge to take a look at her new companion. He wasn't much taller than her, although that was easy to mistake sitting down. Longish brown hair that grazed over the rims of his glasses.

She stopped trying to hide that she was staring. He didn't look the type wear wire-rim glasses. He looked much more like the "beat up and wear up down" type that she was use to seeing on the other end of her boots. Her X-Men boots, not the fun ones she was currently wearing.

"Any particular reason you feel the need to sit down across from me, when there are all these other chairs you could sit in?"

"Looked like the best place," he said before opening his book on antique art. His accent didn't really place him from anywhere around here, but then again neither did hers. Like hers, it seemed to be lighter, like he hadn't been home in some time.

She was still staring at him though. Something about him didn't sit quite right with her. His hands, they didn't look like the hands of a college student, or even someone who would be reading about antique art. They looked like fighter's hands. Like Logan's hands, actually.

"Who's Logan?" the man across the table asked.

She blushed, "Sorry, didn't know I said that outloud. He's a friend. You sorta remind me of him."

"How's that? Besides the hands."

"You look more like a fighter than an art student."

"You don't look much like a student either."

"I've had a few experiences along the way. I'm Marie."

"Eliot. Well, Marie, you up for a new experience tonight?"

"That was bad," she grinned.

"Yeah, I know. Sometimes words come out before you can stop them. Dinner?"

"Maybe. Got a couple of hours to kill till then. Any suggestions?"

"I could think of a few things."


Eliot's hotel room was a lot nicer than hers.

He had already taken off his boots, and she was half naked, when he reached for his glasses. "You can leave those on you know. They completely void the bad boy look I'm sure you usually sport."

"Girls like the bad boy look."

"But you're the real thing, aren't you? You move like you're constantly watching for someone to come after you."

He kissed her neck, "Something like that. You know more than you let on. And I know you're not in my line of work. Someone as unique as you, I would have known about you by now."

Marie worked on getting his shirt over his head. "Or something," she said, reaching for his jeans, "that you haven't considered."

Eliot traced his fingers along the tops of her boots. He slid one of his hand around the back of her leg, using his other to unzip the boot down calf. "Mutant?"

She sighed, not because he knew, but the way his hands glided over her stockings. "Yeah. Oh hell, Eliot, that feels good." He had taken her other boot off, and had started working on her stockings. "Does it bother you?"

"Am I acting like it bothers me?" he asked as he slid his hands up her waist and to her breasts. "Little difference in gentic code, that's all. Could mean you have blue eyes, or what, wings?"

Marie laughed. "You've heard of Warren. I wish I could say it was as simple as that. No, lucky me, I got stuck with soul sucking skin. I could kill you if I wanted."

"I'll have to make sure you don't want to then," he said. "You do want this, right?" He was poised to enter her.

"Oh yeah, I want this."